Standard steel pipe fittings

Standard fittings

Standard steel pipe fittings

M.E.G.A. manufactures standard steel pipe fittings for different industry fields. We always stood out for our multi-technological capabilities and high-performance manufacturing, efficiently and flexibly carrying out the entire production cycle of each fitting, starting from forging through to the final testing phase and any relevant certifications.

Standard steel pipe fittings and unions are high-quality products that can be supplied both threaded (according to ASME B1.20.1) and socket-weld, as well as swage nipples that are available in all standardized variants: threaded, BW, plain-end, and eccentric.


standard steel pipe fittings


AN (Army-Navy) standard fittings

In fittings manufacturing, AN stands for Army-Navy. They are a particular type of fitting used to connect flexible hoses and fluid-carrying metal tubing together. The name comes from an agreement between the army and the navy during World War II that decided the standard and specific dimensions of the assembly. 

This type of fitting, also known as AN thread, was originally used in the aerospace industry and was therefore designed to meet very stringent performance standards related to aviation. As these fittings were subsequently adopted for various land and maritime applications, confusion began to occur between the AN fittings and their industrial counterpart, the SAE 37° fitting. For the sealing surface, AN fittings use a 37°. It is important to remember not to use AN fittings with different flare fittings, as this will most likely lead to fluid leakage and consequent damage to the fittings.


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Standard air fittings for air compressors and air tools

M.E.G.A. also produces standard air fittings specifically for air compressor and air tools applications. For this business sector, there are standard measures but it is necessary that the products are extremely durable and suitable for the high-pressure air in these plants. We serve manufacturing companies that need standard air fittings for compressed air machinery, or for gas transportation systems. 


standard air fittings


Standard Megalet BW, SW, NPT

The olet fittings are a family of forged fittings belonging to the ASME B16.11 standard. Defined as olet branch connections, they have different applications according to the different types. Below we go to deepen them.



MEGALET BW are the most common system of derivation to be applied to high pressure pipes. This connection is welded laterally to the line of the pipe to obtain a derivation of the fluid flow axis (branch) of 90°. The lower side has an insert to facilitate welding to the pipe after drilling the same. The upper side (butt weld) has a chamfer to facilitate welding to the branch pipe and the thickness of the weldolet corresponds to the file (or higher). 



It is a fitting to make a 90* laying derivation similar to MEGALET BW, whose peculiarity consists in a weld type socket seat to weld the branch pipe into a pocket. It is classified as all SW fittings ASME B16.11 with pressure class 3000 and 6000.



It has characteristics similar to MEGALET SW and MEGALET BW in that it is used to make a derivation to 90 would. from the main pipe and has a threaded female connection NPT or BSP. The lower part (branch) is welded to the pipe after the drilling of the same. It is classified as the ASME B16.11 threaded fittings with pressure classes 3000 and 6000.


Differences between these types of standard fittings

Here are the main differences between these 3 type of standard fittings:

  • MEGALET BW: ends with a flat or bevelled weld seat
  • MEGALET SW: ends with an insertion pocket
  • MEGALET NPT: ends with an NPT or BSP threaded hole

M.E.G.A can supply all these three different types, made from forging stainless steel ASTM A182 F304 /F304L, ASTM A182 F316/F316L.


Standard fittings materials: steel, nickel, copper

M.E.G.A. standard steel pipe fittings and unions are also available in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper alloys, titanium, and others. The material can be certified NSF 61, NACE, PED, and Norsok.


Standard fittings materials


Our certifications

Our certifications for standard steel pipe fittings include certificates issued by the most demanding and prestigious bodies on the quality and safety of manufacturing products. Here is a summary table:



Emesso da

ISO 14001

Sistema di gestione ambientale


ISO 3834

Progettazione e produzione di raccordi forgiati saldati, diramazioni autorinforzanti anche di tipo flangiato, tubi da forgiato, raccordi speciali saldati in materiale ferroso e non, con overlay

Bureau Veritas


Placcatura di tubi


Approval Certificate for Materials

Prodotti e Forgiatura

Bureau Veritas Marine

BV Mode II Scheme

Prodotti e Forgiatura

Bureau Veritas Marine

At M.E.G.A. S.p.A. guarantee the quality of each product and the assurance of impeccable service.We strive for excellence every day, using all our expertise with great commitment, ensuring the highest possible efficiency.


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