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M.E.G.A. manufacture chemical resistant pipe, tube, and pump fittings that meet very high-quality and security control standards. As a matter of fact, the material for chemical fittings must have very good characteristics to be (of course) chemical resistant. Thanks to its suppliers, M.E.G.A. is able to provide high-quality selected steel fittings that can withstand highly corrosive environments, such as services for pipes, tubes, and pumps. 

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We take care efficiently and flexibly of the entire production cycle of each nuclear fitting, starting from forging to the final stage of testing and inherent certifications. 

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Types of pipe fittings for the chemical industry

Chemical processing plants use different fittings, tubes, and valves in process equipment to facilitate further operations, including the following product supplied by M.E.G.A.


Chemical Tube Pipe Fittings

M.E.G.A. manufactures stainless steel fittings for both chemical instrumentation and applications, used to connect, extend, redirect chemicals. These chemical fittings can be ordered in different sizes for different uses. For instance, we can provide you with the standard version of fittings or special pieces such as tees, special wyes, special caps, special flanges, flanged fittings, and many other types of fittings designed and developed according to specific requirements of the chemical applications.

The tube fittings can also be sorted into 4 different categories:

  • Cone and Thread Fittings (C&T): Tube ends are coned (chamfered) and threaded. The threads allow for positive lock and sealing of the end face of the tube to the fitting body.
  • Butt Weld Fittings: Permanently joins to the tube end by welding the surrounding metal at the tube end with the fitting.


Chemical Pipe Fittings 

Chemical pipe fittings can be used on a threaded pipe to connect, extend, redirect, close off, or support chemical processes. As pipe fittings, M.E.G.A. provides branch outlet chemical resistant fittings, the so-called megalets.

  • Latromegalet: used to obtain a branch outlet with an angle other than 90°;
  • Elbowmegalet: suitable to obtain a curve;
  • Insert megalet: fittings welded directly inside the main pipe.

Also, we can manufacture standard or customized pipe fittings, in stainless steel, duplex, and super duplex materials. 

chemical tube fittings


Fittings for chemical industries

Selecting the right fittings, pipe, and valves is crucial for regulating system pressure and flow. M.E.G.A. produced carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, and super duplex stainless steelpump fittings specific to the chemical industry. You can choose among pump fittings of standard dimensions, special dimensions, and custom-made pump fittings for special industrial applications.


Typical chemical processing applications of fittings


chemical processing applications of fittings


For what tasks are pipe fittings mainly used in the chemical industry? Here are the main applications: 

  • Heat transfer: convey fluids or refrigerant gases to cool materials and meet specific temperature requirements for different chemical processes.
  • Evaporation and drying: chemical pipe fittings and valves are used to dry material.

  • Distillation process: where it is necessary to selectively boil and cool a chemical liquid mixture.
  • Mass separation: in this case chemical pipe and tube fittings convey mass separation agents specialized in separating material into different components.
  • Mechanical separation: they convey liquids for the mechanical separation of materials.
  • Mixing: combining other materials in measured quantities to create a more homogeneous substance.


Materials used for chemical applications

In chemical industries, it is important that all fluid or gas transmission elements be resistant to corrosive agents. M.E.G.A., aware of this, manufactures chemical fittings and connecting elements in:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Special alloys.

All these elements are resistant to chemicals, temperature changes, low and high temperatures, and wear. 

Thanks to our long experience in the development and manufacture of chemical pipe fittings and the certifications we have obtained in the industry, M.E.G.A. can of provided high-quality solutions for a wide range of customer needs: many of our largest and longest supply contracts are in the chemical industry. To customers in this and other industries, we offer a guarantee of component quality, performance, and safety, giving them the confidence to count on our technical department. Learn about all our certifications.


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