Anchor Flanges

Anchor Flanges

Anchor flanges are a crucial element in preventing pipelines from changing their position. Furthermore, anchor flanges are essential in applications such as oil and gas pipelines with large diameters as they guarantee perfect pressure and fluid flow resistance. 

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Anchor Flange Fittings

M.E.G.A. anchor flanges are engineered to enhance the fittings’ design that needs to be functional to multiple applications and resistant to many different stressors. 

In fact, these devices are characterized by:

  • Extreme resistance and durability to counteract high pressure rates, temperatures, and fluid flow that can alter the positioning of the fitting itself from the inside. In this way, systems stand still even in the most challenging environments, reducing maintenance costs while maintaining high safety standards.
  • M.E.G.A. anchor flange fittings are designed to integrate perfectly with a wide range of pipe sizes and materials. As a matter of fact, they are ideal for any project requirement, guaranteeing excellent performance at all times. Thanks to their versatility, these fittings can be applied to many different fields, such as oil and gas, water treatment, and chemical processing.
  • Our anchor flange fittings have been manufactured to be easy to install and ensure the perfect integrity and stability of the entire system over time while exposed to significant environmental stressors.

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Anchor Flange Pipeline

Pipeline systems should be safe. This is why you should choose M.E.G.A. anchor flanges to enhance and maintain the intrinsic qualities of your pipeline. 

M.E.G.A. anchor flange pipelines can improve your project with a number of advantages

  • Firstly, we designed our flanges to guarantee the utmost safety, preventing any shifts and fluctuations that can occur. This is not only useful for the system, but also for operators who work on it on a daily basis. 
  • Every anchor flange pipeline we build is tailor-made to meet the demands of a market which is increasingly growing. We cater to the needs of our customers, offering them the best quality pipelines which reflect the specific requirements necessary to reach the desired results. 
  • At M.E.G.A., we take care of your project considering every aspect of it from different perspectives in order to deliver the best possible anchor flange pipeline in terms of quality and structural resistance


Products Of All Dimensions

The dimensions of anchor flanges may vary significantly depending on the specific field of application and the specific characteristics of each system.

In high-pressure environments, such as those encountered in the oil and gas industry or in certain chemical processing applications, the necessity for larger and thicker anchor flanges is significant. These enhanced dimensions are a requirement, as they need to withstand the immense forces and pressures exerted on the pipeline system.

On the other hand, in lower-pressure applications, dimensions can be less relevant as the forces the system needs to endure are less pronounced.

Additionally, the material the pipeline is made of and its diameter can influence the dimensions of the anchor flange that needs to perfectly fit the entire system. 


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