Chemical Pipe Fittings

Chemical Pipe Fittings

At M.E.G.A., every project counts and we do understand the need for differentiation you may have. This is the reason why we want to accompany you in every stage of your production cycle, from forging to testing.

Our comprehensive range of chemical pipe fittings is conceived to meet the most stringent requirements in order to guarantee superior quality standards and the maximum level of safety of our fittings, tubes and valves. 

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Chemical resistant pipe fittings


When it comes to chemical pipe fittings, we refer to those components that are designed for the connection, extension, redirection, sealing, or bolstering of chemical processes when attached to threaded pipes. 

M.E.G.A. is specialized in the design and manufacture of chemical-resistant fittings also known as MEGALETS. These are self-reinforcing branch outlets with a 90-degree angle alignment to the primary pipeline. Among these, we offer: 

  • Latromegalet: this is perfect if you wish to create branch outlets with different angles compared to the 90-degree standard one.
  • Elbowmegalet: has been specifically designed to achieve bends. 
  • Insert Megalet: in this case, welding takes place directly inside the primary pipe. 


The main features of chemical pipe fittings

In order to provide you with outstanding performance at all times, M.E.G.A. manufactures specific stainless steel, duplex, and super duplex chemical pipe fittings. These components will help you in your everyday work. 

They are multifaceted and dependable which will ensure high accuracy and resistance in every application. M.E.G.A. can provide you with standard or special fittings based on your demands. Every chemical pipe fitting we made can be customized to better suit your needs. 

Our chemical fittings are designed for the chemical industry, and they are:

  • easy to integrate with existing systems. This will allow you to reach consistency in flow rates without disrupting any ongoing chemical process. 
  • versatile, which means they are highly compatible with a broad range of chemical products. 
  • precise in regulating varying pressure levels without changing structural solidity.
  • resistant to corrosion and abrasion, a crucial characteristic in the chemical industry. 
  • easy to install due to a fast setup which reduces downtime.


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chemical pipe fittings applications

The chemical industry features a series of applications that may need specific pipe fittings. Here you can find the various sectors where chemical pipe fittings are used.

  • Heat transfer: when fluids and refrigerants are used for temperature control in different chemical reactions.
  • Evaporation and drying: chemical pipe fittings and valves are crucial in drying material. 
  • Distillation process: when a chemical liquid blend needs to be selectively heated and cooled. 
  • Mass separation: chemical pipe fittings are designed to transport mass separation agents that can divide materials into distinct components. 
  • Mechanical separation: in this case, fittings are made to channel liquids for mechanically divide substances. 
  • Mixing: integrating different materials following a precise dosage in order to produce a more homogenous product.


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