oil pipe fittings

Oil Pipe Fittings

Oil Pipe Fittings

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Our oil pipe fittings

Companies are relentlessly searching for oil worldwide while competition in this specific sector reaches new heights. This is the reason why M.E.G.A. wants to go the extra mile and - with a steadfast dedication - is committed to the enhancement of its products and services.

Our line of oil and gas pipe fittings are conceived to meet the current international standards in order to provide dependable and certified products. M.E.G.A. will accompany you throughout the entire process, from the design to the construction phase - also following the maintenance part.

Standard oil pipe fittings

standard oil pipe fittings

M.E.G.A. offers a wide range of standard oil pipe fittings and unions, aiming to meet the demands of the market involved in the extraction of oil and gas. 

They include:

  • AN fittings: these fittings are specifically designed for the Army and Navy industry and they are used to link together flexible tubes for liquid flow.
  • air fittings for air compressors and tools: these fittings are quite resistant and can stand high-pressure air. They are perfect for compressed air machinery and gas transportation systems.
  • MEGALET BW: these fittings present a lateral weld to the pipeline. As a result, we have a 90-degree fluid-flow branch.
  • MEGALET SW: these fittings are similar to MEGALET BW.
  • MEGALET NPT: these fittings present a female NPT or BSP connection to the main pipe. They have some features in common with MEGALET BW and MEGALET SW.

Oil pressure pipe fittings

M.E.G.A. has an array of fitting specifically made for the oil and gas, and naval industry. These products are pressure and chemical resistant which is why they are particularly suitable for passing mineral and hydraulic oils, as well as gasoline.

Special oil pipe fittings


Special oil pipe fittings are suitable for the most diverse industrial applications and have a high level of customization based on the customer’s needs. 

These are special products because they are designed to meet specific requirements which imply a particular purpose of the pipe fitting itself. In fact, they can be used: 

  • to transport hazardous materials
  • as a protection from high-pressure
  • as a protection in case of extreme atmospheric agents

Why should you choose M.E.G.A. for your oil pipe fittings?

M.E.G.A. is not only the epitome of innovation and research, but also has tradition in its veins. 

In fact, when the business came to light, it was 1962. Ever since, M.E.G.A. has valued the work of its employees, creating a strong company which has succeeded in making its voice heard worldwide. 

M.E.G.A. tells a story of commitment, resilience and responsibility intrinsically related to the safety requirements of our products. And for your oil pipe fittings, we can offer you this: 

  • high-quality materials
  • excellent performance 
  • solid and dependable fittings
  • corrosion resistance components
  • extremely customizable products

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