Gas Pipe Fittings

Gas Pipe Fittings

From a vast array of standard solutions to customized designs, M.E.G.A. spectrum of innovative and top-tier gas pipe fittings is varied, guaranteeing high levels of safety and efficiency. 

On this page, we will discuss: 


Customized solutions in gas pipe fittings

M.E.G.A. is a leading company specialized in customized solutions in gas pipe fittings. This is why our products are designed to ensure:

  • Versatility: standard oil pipe fittings and unions are involved in extraction, refining, and gathering petroleum products. These models can be made in various materials based on the distinctive characteristics.
  • High-performance: M.E.G.A. manufactures oil outlet fittings, including MEGALETS, which are capable of adapting to various configurations and angles. These fittings are beneficial in terms of reduced filler material, fewer welding hours, and greater controllability. 
  • Customization: M.E.G.A. special pipe fittings are designed from scratch based on client specifications or international codes.
  • Seamless and welded options: seamless pipe fittings are ideal for transportation and distribution of fluids. They are available in stainless steel and chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. The M.E.G.A. welding team is also engaged in the production of in-house welded pipe fittings, emphasizing our commitment to quality. 

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M.E.G.A. quality standards and products

M.E.G.A. is renowned for tailoring a wide range of gas pipe fittings solutions. Among them, you can find: 


Standard gas pipe fittings 

These are high-quality products that can be threaded or socket fittings. They are available in different variants: 

  • threaded
  • BW
  • flat
  • eccentric. 

This family of standard products for the oil and gas industry are made in NSF 61, NACE, PED and Norsok certified materials.


Branch outlet gas pipe fittings 

M.E.G.A. produces MEGALETS, especially manufactured for the oil and gas industry and that lower the usage of filler material, reducing welding hours and, thus, the operators’ fatigue by enhancing the control of professionals during the welding process as well. 

Among these fittings you can find:

  • LATROMEGALET for angles with a tilting different from 90° 
  • ELBOWMEGALET designed for bends 
  • INSERT MEGALET for direct main pipe integration. 

They can present different connection types such as butt-welded and threaded

M.E.G.A. solutions are all backed by the compliance of its products with the most relevant international standards and certifications, providing the company with quality and reliability. 


Special gas pipe fittings

M.E.G.A. special gas pipe fittings include fittings, nozzles and flanges. For engineering this product, there is a first consultation where the M.E.G.A. team and the customer discuss the product’s specifications. 

Once the fitting has been manufactured, the solution is tested in terms of quality as it should comply with the ASME and PED international standards

This range of custom-made products includes: special tees, wyes, caps, and diverse flange types, all designed to stand high pressure environments and corrosion.


Innovative applications and technologies in gas pipe fittings

M.E.G.A. is committed not only to quality, but also to innovation. Our gas pipe fittings can be applied in different sectors with extremely beneficial results as the M.E.G.A. approach encompasses: 

  • advanced manufacturing: M.E.G.A. designs and produces high-quality pipe fittings harnessing groundbreaking technologies.
  • tailor-made solutions: we listen to the specific requirements of each customer in order to realize oil and gas projects displaying a high level of expertise and efficiency. Hence, M.E.G.A. received certifications that are proof of our commitment towards quality. 

experimentation: at M.E.G.A. we take risks, providing a comprehensive approach to each project, from start to finish. Our strength is in our lifelong learning attitude which helps us find new perspectives and experiment with new technologies and machines. 

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