MIG Welding Services

MIG Welding Services

Dealing with different types of metal and thicknesses can be quite challenging. To cater the growing demand of the market, M.E.G.A. has created an in-house welding department

Entrust our top-tier MIG welding services and discover how to achieve excellent results thanks to our team of skilled professionals. 

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The MIG welding service by M.E.G.A.

With its MIG welding services, M.E.G.A. has a mission to accomplish: deliver unparalleled mastery and quality in every single project. Our unwavering dedication in achieving extraordinary performance is evident in every single step of the MIG welding process - from the preliminary assessment to the final result.

Nestled at the heart of our operations, our in-house welding department is the epitome of our profound commitment in making every client fully satisfied. 

Every stage is permeated by the utmost level of precision, harmoniously blending speed and strength to meet the brief thanks to advanced techniques, and innovative technology, but being always compliant with the stringent safety and quality standards of the industry. 

How does a MIG welding service work? 


M.E.G.A. MIG welding services are perfect if you need to customize components according to customer desires.

This method consists in using a continuous wire arc consisting of putting the metal under gas shielding, also known as GMAW, or Gas Metal Arc Welding.

Here you can find the steps of the MIG welding process.

Design and feasibility assessment

Our team of specialized professionals will analyze your project to understand how to design it properly.


Our experts evaluate which metals should be used for welding. At this stage, we make sure that the surface is clean and without contaminants that could potentially compromise the final result. 

Electrode and shielding gas selection

Based on the metal chosen, we opt for the appropriate electrode (the filler material) and gas which should be carefully selected in order to make the most out of this process. 


Our skilled welders work with metal in order to achieve excellent and accurate results with cutting-edge equipment. The electrode and the metal itself are shot during the process. Introduced through a cylinder, these gasses serve as a barrier, ensuring the arc and the welding area remain uncontaminated by surrounding atmospheric conditions. 

Post-weld inspection

We always perform rigorous quality checks after welding to ensure the weld’s quality, strength and durability.

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The advantages of MIG welding 

With the M.E.G.A. MIG welding services, you can rely on high-tech welding equipment that will deliver functional and safe products. 

But there are other core advantages that lie within this process:

  • Productivity: MIG welding is one of the fastest metalworking methods. This is why it ensures seamless results even with tight headlines. 
  • Polyvalent: it can deliver excellent results with a broad range of metals and thicknesses. 
  • Efficiency: with our MIG services you can significantly reduce waste and obtain a cleaner, more precise weld.
  • High quality: M.E.G.A. welds are resistant to corrosion and abrasion, ensuring their durability and guaranteeing top-tier results.
  • Safety: we value our MIG welders’ well-being. For this reason, we implemented a method which makes them safer due to a reduction in the exposure to fumes and less chances to get burned. 


Customize your MIG welding thanks to M.E.G.A.

M.E.G.A. values the authenticity and uniqueness of every single project. Therefore, customization is the core of our MIG welding services

In fact, based on the project’s specifications and technical drawings, we can provide you with tailor-made solutions that fit your needs. 

Furthermore, our experts will advise on which metal is the most suitable for your MIG welding. Let our team explain to you the advantages of aluminum, titanium, copper and steel and discover the many components we can manufacture. 

Choose the quality of a certified MIG welding services supplier and discover the multiple applications of our fittings and special items. 

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